Renewal is one of our key strengths and enables us to maintain high standards of quality, rapid response times and commercial competitiveness. We use software that makes processes simpler, faster and more efficient.

ico_webcenter_WEBCENTER. For the sharing and management of information between all those involved in the packaging supply chain, making it possible to manage online information concerning design, production, review and approval by documenting each interaction.
A global workflow platform that automates front-end operations, facilitating optimization in terms of functionality, production and safety.

ico_visualizer_VISUALIZER. The online interface with which makes it
possible to:

  • simulate media, inks and special finishes;
  • provide a range of realistic and interactive 2D and 3D representations and animations of the final product;
  • place the product in the desired virtual retail virtual context.

ico_flexohdplusFLEXO HD Plus®. Flexo HD Plus® offers the highest standards of quality in flexographic
Flexo HD Plus® provides a greater colour range, more fluid shades tending to zero, the optimal transfer of ink on full backgrounds and halftone areas, better dot gain control and printconsistency during the whole production process. Flexo HD Plus® is a trademark of Digital Flex.

ico_futurfleFUTURFLEXO Digital Flex has a dedicated professional design and layout studio that develops creative solutions using specific techniques and software for packaging. The design creativity dedicated to packaging is specifically conceived for flexographic printing.