Digital Flex optimizes its work organization to provide a better service  | July, 2017


The beginning of 2017 saw Digital Flex introduce a change in its organization which is now coming to fruition. The result is a more streamlined, smooth workflow with reduced inefficiencies, confirming the fact that we made the right choice.

We want to let you in on how we did it!

We combined the technical and commercial know-how of our Customer Service Department with the technical and operative capacities of our Graphics Department, to create “clusters”, or work groups. Each cluster follows an order from the moment it arrives and accompanies it throughout the various stages of its processing.

Thanks to this new workflow, response times and the precision of our work have improved and peak workloads have been better absorbed, giving an advantage both to our customers and to our company. Ours is a circular management system, with higher levels of satisfaction because people feel they have an input into the job as a whole, both commercially and technically. Projects are shared from start to finish and throughout the various phases of the production process, including customer feedback and the resolution of any problems.