Digital Flex invests in a Nyloflex® Automated Plate Processor IRIS Inliner to increase automation and productivity  | March, 2016


Monza, 16th February 2016 – Digital Flex has purchased the new Nyloflex® Automated Plate Pro-cessor IRIS Inliner from Flint Group Flexographic Products. The long awaited contract has finally been signed after about 6 months of beta testing, finalizing the machine’s purchase. The company, based in Monza, is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated technology, and serves a very diverse market. It is currently dealing with a growing number of orders where time constraints and quality are of the utmost importance. Digital Flex is also investing in new staff and looking to expand.

The Nyloflex® APP IRIS machine, which Digital Flex has just purchased, is a completely automat-ed, revolutionary system, which handles washing, post-exposure drying, and stacking. Thanks to this increased automation, production speed is considerably improved, process tolerances are minimized, and the end product is of a higher quality.

The system can be managed by just one person. A series of video cameras located inside the ma-chine, mean that all stages of the process can be monitored. As well as this, advanced internal di-agnostics alert the operator when a component needs to be repaired or replaced. Paolo Cornali, company’s Head of Flexo plate Production and Distribution and partner: “We are very happy with how the machine is working. It means we can take human error out of the equation, because eve-rything is automated.” He placed particular emphasis on the fact that the company’s investment would, ultimately, lead to an improvement in production quality, which in turn will guarantee con-sistency and repeatability.

Digital Flex already has 3 ESKO CDI Spark 5080 CTPs with Pixel Plus Optics, and 3 exposure units, two of which are the latest Flint Nyloflex® Next. The machines are able to handle large work-loads. The Nyloflex® APP IRIS can easily handle 294 m² of plates in one day, spread over three shifts.

Roberto Malagù, key account flexo Heidelberg Italy, who oversaw the purchase and test phase had this to say: “Installing this machinery, the first of its kind in the world, means that with 2 UV Led Nyloflex® Next exposure units, we are able to build on a period of constant, and innovative re-search, whose aim has been achieving significant improvements in quality and production.”

Andrea Vergnano, Senior Executive Vice President of Digital Flex concludes: “With this acquisition, we are ready to face new challenges. Now that the machine has finished beta testing, it is already in use in two production shifts.”