Digital Flex partnered with PLASTIK Group in the production of pack-aging on show at Index in Geneva from 4th – 7th April 2017  | April, 2017

INDEX 17-3

Monza, April 13, 2017 – Digital Flex collaborated with PLASTIK Group in the production of packaging using the StealthCode® service from BeeGraphic, that were displayed at Index on Plastik’s stand n. 2570. At the international trade fair of nonwovens, the products – nappy bags – were made using the revolutionary technology for communication, promotion and Brand protection.


StealthCode®, based on patented non-owned technology, consists in including – in the packaging artwork – of a unique code, not visible to human’s eye. The code can be read by any iOs and Android mobile device through a free StealthCode® APP, which is rapidly spreading. Entering the code in the artwork is done via a software mode, without changing graphics nor packaging. No special print process, nor special inks are required.


A corner of the PLASTIK’s stand was dedicated to the show of nappy bags, whose packaging included StealthCode®. “We had the idea to invite people to touch the products and read the pack with their smartphone, and get connected to a website containing the information that the brand owner wanted to communicate to the customer. It was a simulation to make understand potentiality of this technology”, comments Andrea Vergnano, Senior Executive Vice President at Digital Flex. “And this happened indeed, many intrigued visitors used their smartphone to check out this communication mode and they turned out excited”.


Through StealthCode® it is possible to include specific product elements, connection to a website that contains product information, consumer information, promotional campaigns, multilingual content, information about product traceability. “We change from a static and visible solution, such as QR code and Barcode, to a dynamic and imperceptible solution”, comments Goliardo Butti, General Manager at BeeGraphic; we call this new mode the Invisible with great prominence”.


The packaging of the nappy bag at the show was produced in combination by Digital Flex, for the production of the photopolymer plate with the packaging artwork that included StealthCode®, and Plastik for the flexo printing and the production of the bag.


Francesco Zenoni, Sales Manger at PLASTIK adds: “We are happy for the success of the first public presentation of this innovative technology. We believe that new positive perspectives will come thanks to this product, bringing us consumer loyalty that everybody is looking for”.


StealthCode® is a trademark of BeeGraphic®,



PLASTIK is a leading international manufacturer of films and bags for the hygienic market and of other technical films for specific industrial sectors. With its high competence, developed in 50 years of experience, it is a leader among the main operators in the hygienic market.

PLASTIK is a family owned group, which can today relay on the experience and professionalism of 240 employees. Its ability to find solutions and offer excellent products in an ever changing market makes PLASTIK a reliable partner for the present and future of its customers.


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