Environmentally-sustainable processes and approaches due to our commitment to prevent and reduce pollution in overall terms.


For us, environmental sustainability is an added value: we promote low environmental impact operations and the production of clean energy. Attention and respect for nature are at the heart of all our decisions:
this is why we have adopted the European Community Principles 96/61/EC, known as the IPPC “Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control”.

AIR The reduction of atmospheric emissions through the use of a treatment plant that separates processing fumes from the air. What we emit is clean air. Moreover, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof and the canopies of the parking area, we use clean electricity produced by the conversion of solar energy.

WATER Our consumption and release of water in the local water network has been drastically reduced by an effective recycling system. This system ensures that the company does not discharge any quantities of water containing possible pollutants.

SOIL AND WASTE The use of alternative solvents guarantee both excellent results while being less harmful than traditional options.

NOISE AND WORK ENVIRONMENT The adoption of clean and air conditioned rooms for greater comfort.