Digital Flex celebrates its 50th birthday and is preparing to conquer new markets at Converflex 2015  | September, 2015

Monza, 30th March 2015 – Digital Flex, a company specialised in flexographic prepress, announces the opening of FuturFlexo, a graphic studio dedicated to packaging design, set up as an independent company entity within the Nuova Roveco Group and based in the same Monza headquarters. With this announcement and with the demonstration of Flexo HD Plus technology – which characterizes all printing plates produced by Digital Flex with high definition systems – the company will be present at Converflex 2015 from the 19th to 23rd May, Booth 2, stand F21 G28.


FuturFlexo, taking packaging design into the future

“We are offering a new service to our clients with FuturFlexo”, states Andrea Vergnano, Partner and Senior Executive Vice President of Digital Flex, “and we are positioning ourselves as the only interlocutor capable of handling their packaging project from start to finish. That does not stop the new company (operating independently) from working for clients that only request creative work”.


Nuova Roveco Group will strengthen and grow through this operation, creating two operating arms, with the flagship Digital Flex focused on the production of photopolymer systems for flexographic printing and FuturFlexo specialised in the conception and design of packaging. “We already have foreign companies amongst our clients, and now our goal is increasing our presence beyond national boundaries”, adds Andrea Vergnano.


Flexo HD Plus, the State of the Art in Flexo Prepress

Digital Flex has always distinguished itself by being one step ahead, investing in the most innovative technologies and predicting market requirements, creating guidelines to be followed for the technological development of flexography. This is the spirit that Renato Vergnano and his partners (the founders of the company) have worked in – so the company maintains its motivation to confront new challenges and seize all opportunities offered by the market.


Recently, the company was equipped with a second Flint Group Flexographic Products Nyloflex* NExT FV exposure unit, that will be added to another identical exposure unit, which was bought two years ago and to three Esko CDI HD units. With this important productive capability and with work set to two shifts, Digital Flex is capable of handling large bulk orders and spikes in work, which have become ever more frequent in the recent months. “Thanks to our production technologies, we have reduced staff in the latest phases of the process while we are integrating new young people in prepress – a core service for a prepress bureau”, says Andrea Vergnano.


Flexo HD Plus is the technology developed by Digital Flex, a registered trademark in Europe. Andrea Vergnano states “Flexo HD Plus’ main characteristics are the chromatic and tonal perfection of images, sharpness of logos, readability of texts and management of nuances, with greater gradualness to obtain a wider chromatic range plus exceptional ink transfer in the solid backgrounds and screened areas, greater control of dot gain due to not having to increase pressures and finally, consistent printing during the entire print run. Flexo HD Plus brings the quality of flexographic printing to even higher levels compared to HD”.